Powder Curing Ovens

Powder Curing Oven

Shri Sai Enterprises is having vast experience in designing, manufacturing, erection and commissioning various type of industrial oven, the process needs special type of drying and cooling solution for the hassle free and smooth operation of the Curing Oven manufacturing to help the clients with the type specialized need we at Shri Sai Enterprises designed one of the most reliable and economical solution.

Curing oven can be used for a number of processes including composite curing, powder coating, drying, and more. Shri Sai Enterprises curing ovens are considered best for preheating, curing various coats and drying parts and components.

  • Increase in speed of heating process.
  • Lower-cost of energy
  • Intensity adjustments are easy for different products
  • Electric, natural gas, or LPG ovens available
  • Each oven is shipped assembled
  • Every oven is factory tested
  • Separate heating control contactors (electric ovens)
  • Digital batch timer with interlock system

The enclosed insulated chamber is provided with air circulating blowers & heating system. The air is circulated in the chamber to increase & distribute even temperature in all over area. There are various kinds of oven, it includes the following.

Batch Type Oven
  • Provided trolley arrangement & doors.
  • The powder coated articles are loaded on the trolley.
  • The trolley is pushed inside the oven.
  • After backing schedule, doors are opened & trolley is taken out.
Conveyorised Conventional Oven
  • In an enclosed insulated chamber the conveyor carries article in the chamber.
  • The article travels for decided time to get powder cured & conveyor brings the article continuously from the oven.
Conveyorised Camel Oven
  • In this oven all working is same as per conveyorised conventional oven.
  • The article entry & exit is Provide a cut out parallel to the ground to avoid heat loss.
Electrical Heating Ovens

Electrical Heating Ovens

Owing to our well-equipped infrastructure unit and in depth knowledge, we are engaged offering a wide array of Electrical Heating Ovens. Moreover, clients can avail this heating oven from us at reasonable price.

  • Rugged Design
  • Excellent Performance
  • Rust Proof

Electrical Heating Ovens
Electrical Heating Ovens
Electrical Heating Ovens
Electrical Heating Ovens
Electrical Heating Ovens
Electrical Heating Ovens

Gas Fired Ovens

Gas Fired Ovens

To cater to the demands of our customer's requirements, we are highly engrossed in providing a wide range of Gas Fired Ovens. Also, this oven is also checked against several parameters by our quality auditors.

A Gas fired oven is a direct radiant baking unit. The energy source is placed inside the baking chamber and, depending on the fuel used, direct-fired ovens may use gas (e.g. natural gas, propane, butane, liquid petroleum gas), oil, or electricity. The heat transfer in a direct-fired oven is primarily carried out by radiation from the flames, electric resistances, and hot surfaces.

  • These ovens are mostly used for biscuit- and pizza-making.
  • It is especially suitable for baking products that require high temperatures, above 300 oC (572oF)
  • These ovens may also be used for baking all types of crackers, cookies, and biscuits.
  • Gas Ovens and electric-fired ovens both have similar heat transfer mechanisms.
  • Sturdy design
  • Highly durable
  • Corrosion-resistance